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When to use Gmail and/or Inbox | Inbox, Gmail | The Apps Show

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Published on 01 Mar 2018 / In Inbox by Gmail Account

Google launched in June 2015 Inbox, a new email service app offering a new way of managing and organizing Google emails. Since then, Inbox has coexisted with Gmail and many users have been asking themselves if they should make the switch to Inbox or not. In this episode we feature Jenny and Jimmy, two Googlers that have taken different stances on this issue. They explain us the reasons behind their choice.

Jenny chose Inbox and guides us through her email management strategy. As a program manager, she leads several projects and gets a lot of emails everyday, many of which are just updates and not time-sensitive. With Inbox, she discovered a new way of dealing with her emails. To improve her inbox management, she decided to bundle incoming emails thematically. Bundles make her inbox more structured, allowing her to get a bigger picture of her projects at a glance. She also uses features such as Reminders and Snooze, which are features that allow her to keep track of daily tasks and of her to-do list. Finally, Inbox offers the option to pin relevant emails (the “pin” has replaced Gmail’s “stars”) and switch emails to a “pin view” mode. Jenny chooses that option when she needs to work undisturbed by incoming emails and focus on her pinned messages.

Jimmy on the other hand uses Gmail because he is the type of person that likes to see every email that comes in in his inbox. Gmail allows him to have more control over his incoming messages - and looks more reassuring for him. Also, Jimmy highlights his favorite Gmail features: he uses some labs that improve the organization of his inbox (eg: right-side chat or multiple inbox option). Last but not least, as his work is very email-centric, he takes full advantage of the advanced search option provided by Gmail, that allows him to quickly find old emails in a couple of click. If you want to learn more about Jimmy’s favorites features, check out this past episode: goo.gl/M5tEPR

Inbox or Gmail, the choice is now on your side. If you are either an automation enthusiast like Jenny, or more a control-freak like Jimmy, both tools will help you be more productive at work anyway!

If you are curious about the new features offered by Inbox, check out this article that will help you make the switch: goo.gl/gv0A6u. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.

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