What Is Considered A High Print Count For A Ricoh Printer/copier?

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    It really depends on the model and age.
    I've seen some copiers still chugging along at 3 1/2 million.
    I've seen some of the same model dead after 400,000.
    Most Ricoh MFP copiers (Multifunction Printer) that can scan, fax, print and copy have service lives of between 5-8 years and with regular maintenance and servicing, can live to several million copies.

    I like the comparison to cars: Some models of cars, with very strict maintenance and care, can go for hundreds of thousands of miles. But if you skimp and don't change the oil or tires on a regular basis - and maintain the fluid levels and engine care? Dead car, or a car that takes a lot of repairs.

    Same with the Ricoh machines. If you keep it clean, get regular certified Ricoh techs doing maintenance (changing the fuser, cleaning webs, rollers, etc) and don't let your users pound on it, it can last a very long time. Just get a good maintenance agreement that has built in PMs (Preventive Maintenance) based on time and how many clicks (copies/prints) your machine makes and you will have a great machine that will give you very little problems.

    Other brands? Not sure, but I've replaced several of our competitor's brands that have similar issues. Hope this all helps

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