I’ve Bought A License In South Africa. I Cannot Activate The Application In Russia.

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    If you want to purchase a box product version, we recommend you follow this rule: «Purchase a product in the region you want to use the product in!». These license limitations are described in the 3.7-3.11 points of EULA. If you purchased the product in Africa, the following information is presented on the purchased box:


    In this case, Kaspersky Lab informed you about region license limitations.

    If you want to purchase a license to activate the application in your region, we recommend you use our eStore: http://www.kaspersky.com/global-store. Licenses purchased via our online shop are not limited by regional use.

    Such license limitations are applied to activation only. After activation you can travel and use the application with no limitations during a full license validity period wherever you want.

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