How Do I Set My Internet Setting In Case Of Proxy Or Sock4/5 Connection?

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    To configure Proxy Setting, follow these steps:

    • On the Quick Heal Total Security Dashboard, click Settings.
    • On the Settings screen, click Proxy Support.
    • On the Proxy Support screen, turn Proxy support ON to enable proxy support.
      The Select proxy type, Enter server, Enter port, and user credentials text boxes are
    • Select the proxy type from HTTP, SOCKS V4, SOCKS V5 based on your preference.
    • In the Enter Server text box, enter the IP address of the proxy server or domain name.
    • In Enter port text box, enter the port number of the proxy server.
      By default port number is set as 80 for HTTP and 1080 for SOCKS V4, SOCKS V5.
    • Enter user name and password credentials.
    • To save your settings, click Save.

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