Can I Change The Color Of The Outlook Theme To Black, Blue Or Silver?

Discussion in 'Outlook E-Mail Account' started by Ravi Devgam, May 2, 2017.

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    No, these themes are gone. While the Customer Preview only contained a a White theme, due to feedback the RTM release also contains a Light Grey and Dark Grey theme which add more contrast. The White theme got a RTM redesign as well which sure is an improvement over the earlier Preview releases.

    The White theme does kind of grow on you after a while (at least for me, I was in the “hate it” group at first) but I still wouldn’t recommend running this theme full screen on a large monitor. I initially configured the Light Grey theme but I got used to the white theme after about 1 month.

    If you go for the White theme, I can recommend using a calm blue background to get used to it (like for instance the HowTo-Outlook background color… ;-) )

    Other than that, you can also change the decoration in the top right corner. To change this, make sure you login with your Microsoft Account via File-> Office Account. You then have 14 different backgrounds to choose from (15 if you also count the “No Background” option). My personal favorite is the School Supplies background.


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